Halloween Jello Earthworms!

Happy Halloween! Well…almost. Even though the spook night is more than a week away, my family has decided to throw a Halloween party tonight at my aunt’s house in the country. Every one of us is supposed to bring a snack and dress up and this is what I decided to make. I saw this recipe online and thought it looked so realistic I just HAD to try it; So I set out to Walmart and spend the $5 to make it. It was really easy, honestly, and you can find the recipe here. There are a few things I did different from the recipe, though and it made the whole process A LOT shorter.

#1. The recipe says to boil all of the water and let it cool down to where it’s only slightly warm. To make it a little shorter, boil 2 cups of the water and add the third cup of cold water.

#2. The recipe says to shove the straws into a tight container so that it doesn’t spill out the bottom. I shoved them into the tightest container there was and I still had a leaky mess with nothing inside the straws. Instead, pour the jello into a tall, slim container (a cup or glass works perfectly fine), THEN insert the straws with the bendy part at the bottom. The jello is evenly distributed through the straws, and they don’t need to be super compacted. Even if they are loose like mine were, they were fine. This may require a little bit more jello, but it was fine for me because I doubled the recipe (which I recommend doing).

#3. I don’t know why the original recipe calls for an 8 hour chill time. It’s completely unnecessesary. I think I waited an hour or two before I checked one and it was completely done.

I was so excited when I pushed the first one out of its straw and it was PERFECT. I then tried to eat it before I gagged. The texture, look, and everything is exactly like a worm. I put it in my mouth and it just felt like I was eating the real thing. I had the rest of my family try one and they couldn’t believe how real it was. My brother didn’t know about them so I took one to him, told him to look at the worm I found, and then popped it in my mouth. I wish I had a picture of his face!

Anyhoo, you should go make these. Now. You wouldn’t believe how fun they are and how impressed everyone will be when they see them in person. And they are so easy!

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